Rumplers Snacks

Heading to a fun gathering or party? Wanting to go on a hike or the beach this summer? Stock up on Kosher certified snacks, from healthy kid snacks to your everyday kitchen companion. No matter the occasion that you want a bite, you'll find something good from Rumplers wide selection of snacks! Our range of snacks go from pretzels to popcorn to biscuits, there's always something for the family!

Buy your daughter’s favorite Kosher sweets to share with friends on her birthday, or purchase Kosher fruit juice and snacks for the Bar Mitzvah for your son. These little touches can make those celebrations extra-special. And, when you purchase in bulk, you can save money and get all of your party or event needs from a single source for easier shopping. There’s no need to worry about researching and verifying which products follow your dietary laws – we’ve already done that work for you, so you can buy with confidence.