About us

Ashadale Ltd T/A Rumplers Kosher Foods has been established since 1958 and has built up into one of the leading suppliers of kosher food products in the United Kingdom.

The Rumpler family first began manufacturing confectionery in the back room of their home in North London where they produced and packed their sweets for sale in the local kosher stores. It was in the early 1980's when their range first increased from wholesaling confectionery to include nine varieties of biscuits. As time went on the Rumplers brand became renowned for its Boxed Chocolates, Rice Cakes and most recently Pretzels. All of which carry the "Kedassia" kosher certification.

Today, in addition to the Rumplers brand we are exclusive distributors for over twenty companies around the globe and our current combined range of both retail and catering products consists of over four hundred and fifty products. We are continuously researching the market to find suitable products that we feel will enhance our range.